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Wilderness Trail


Costs start at (PP): R

4 Nights 5 Days


A walk on the wild side in a Big 5 game reserve



The Wilderness Trail is a renowned five-day hike in the Imfolozi game reserve situated in Kwa Zulu Natal. Led by two excepional guides, we respectfully traverse the Imfolozi reserve encountering wildlife as we go. Our nights are spent in the open, under the stars. 

Some aspects of the trail includes:

• Sleeping under the stars, simplicity is key on trail, no cell phones, no watches, no deadlines, everything happens to the rhythm of nature.

• Each trailist is required to do 1-2 hours “night watch” a period of keeping the fire going and looking out for potentially dangerous animals whilst the rest of the group sleeps.

• The trail group becomes a “clan,” teamwork, cooperation and looking out for each other is critical. The trail operates under a principle of Hlonipa (respect in Zulu) …respect for each other, respect for wildlife and respect for the wilderness

• Two armed wilderness guides accompany the group, these guides spend 2000+ hours per year in the wilderness area and widely considered some of the best in Africa. We have a 60 year incident free safety record!

• Days are spent walking between camping sites, distances walked vary from day to day and done in accordance with group dynamics, fitness and needs. Some groups prefer to sit and watch the river go by, others prefer to trek deeper and deeper into the Wilderness.

• Meals are prepared by the guides, this is NOT your average “trail food” of baked beans and peanuts - our guides are masters at preparing fresh wholesome meals in the Wilderness and even been featured in several cooking networks.

* Please note that we require a minimum of 6 people for this tour and a maximum of 8 people. 

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