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Our team are here ready to help you book your dream trip



What is it?

We offer customized group touring to Universities and Colleges who would like to utilize a third world travel experience as an educational platform for their students. We work alongside the professors and tutors to mold a tour package that will align with your semester course work and enable students to obtain credits from their respective Universities by means of educational travel. 


How does it work?

  • We host groups ranging from 10 – 50 students at a time and the length of a trip varies from 10 - 18 days, depending on how much time is available to your faculty

  • Each group is delegated a driver and a guide, as well as a chaperone to assist the professors and tutors with the students for the duration of your time with us

  • We offer conference room facilities for professors and tutors to host lectures throughout the trip

  • We outsource speakers relevant to your area of studies.

  • We visit unique locations and create educational experiences to compliment the trip

Over the years we have witnessed the value of educational travel and the role these tours have played in shaping a generation of learners. We look forward to working with your institution to create a profound educational tool by means of travel for your students.

Interested in finding out more about our university travel group bookings?

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