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Visit Boulders Beach

Where is Boulders Beach?

Less than an hour drive from Cape Town, tucked away on the Cape Peninsula, you will find a picturesque cove of sparkling waters, white sandy beaches and penguins plodding by. Boulders Beach, located in Simon’s Town in the Western Cape, got its name from the large granite boulders that dot its waters and separate its coves. The boulders protect this little paradise from wind and large waves, making it the ideal spot for families with children. There are two parking lots Seaforth and Bellevue Road, which offer easy access to Boulders Beach. From the Seaforth parking lot there is a wheelchair-friendly, wooden walkway that will lead you to the beach (a short two-minute walk), with the opportunity to stop and photograph nesting penguins along the way.

Are there penguins on Boulders Beach?

This is one of the only destinations in the world where you can get up close and personal with African Penguins in their natural environment. Most of the penguin colony are found at Foxy Beach, as well as nesting along the Boulders Boardwalk, however they do waddle onto the swimming beach and are friendly and curious so enjoy hanging out with these cute little birds (that said, please don’t touch them and keep a safe distance).

How much does it cost?

To access Boulders Beach, you will need to purchase tickets, and this can be done at either Foxy Beach (the first beach you will encounter along the way from the Seaforth parking lot) or at Boulders Beach itself. The ticket gives you access to Foxy Beach, the main nesting site of the African Penguins as well as Boulders Beach where you can spend the day swimming. Although visitors are not allowed onto Foxy Beach, it is 100 percent worth going as there is a large wooden deck where you can photograph the penguin colony and also read up on this endangered species at the various signposts along the boardwalk.

2024 rates for adults:

SA Residents: R45

SADC Nationals: R95

Standard Fee (Internationals):  R190


2024 rates for children:

SA Residents: R25

SADC Nationals: R50

Standard Fee (Internationals) :  R95


Boulders Beach forms part of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and your money goes towards maintaining the beach and protecting and preserving the penguin colony and its habitat.


Did you know?

Boulders Beach was recently recognised as the second-best beach in the world in the Golden Beach Awards 2024 by BeachAtlas, with criteria for the award focusing on the following: classic beauty; party and lifestyle; diversity, equity & inclusion; community; natural diversity; and cultural significance.


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Boulders Beach

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